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Noushin Ehsan

service2nd Opinion Design was founded by Noushin Ehsan, a licensed architect with over 35 years of international experience. In 1985, she founded Accessible Architecture, PC, where she developed the concept of “The Spirit of Space,” which incorporates the spiritual as well as the practical approach to architecture. In this initiative Ms. Ehsan promotes designs that create a positive energy in your space. She believes that through harmony, proportion, light, cohesiveness of thought in design and use of material, one can design holistic spaces that uplift the spirit and energize the physical being. This approach to holistic design has no relevance to the size and budget of your projects and can be adapted in any style.

From 1974 to 1985, Ms. Ehsan, was the managing director of B.E.B. Consultants, an architectural firm based in New York, London, Paris, and Tehran. In this position, her
vast number of projects included: design of new towns, large residential complexes, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, hotel facilities and private residences.

Ms. Ehsan has taught at both the London North East Polytechnic Institute in England
and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York. She also served as an Adjunct

  Professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Ms. Ehsan studied architecture at Tehran University and the École des
  Beaux-Arts, Paris, and received her Master’s Degree in Architecture & Urban Design from UCLA.

  Since 1991, Ms Ehsan has made New York City her adopted home. She has been granted several honors and awards, which
  include the Design Merit Award from Hunter College in New York City and the Business Achievement Award from former New
  York mayor, Rudolph Giuliani.

  As stated in Crain’s New York Business, March 1998: “Her career is extraordinary in a field where women rarely occupied
  top positions…” and in Home Magazine, April 2000: “Her education is indicative of an insatiable drive ‘to learn from the best‘
  even when it meant uprooting herself and her home to seek it out.” Also The Sofia Echo, (published in Bulgaria) June 21,
  2002 states: “Ms. Ehsan is not a conventional architect. She is not a conventional person either... She believes that one
  cannot solve all the problems of mankind, but one can inspire people to do something about it.”

  Having achieved her professional goals, Ms. Ehsan is now dedicated to serving you in fulfilling your architectural dreams.
  She brings her extensive experience, expertise, and network of outstanding individuals in the industry to guide your
  project to its fullest potential.




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